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the girl. katherine suzanne. january 24. brown hair. blue eyes. loves blue, grey and white. being a girl. sports. basketball. softball. running. taken :]. wears gap, american eagle, old navy, hollister, a&f, and roxy. smells like gucci envy, body by vs, & dkny. tastes like cherries n' peaches ;-).

the likes. boys. kissing. flirting. romance. making out. dances. parties. clothes. preps. basketball. cuddling. taking pictures. computers. dancing. shopping. joking around. laughing. writing. sleeping. snow. winter. movies. december. classic rock. water. gum. running. rock. xc. silver jewlery. internet. paint shop pro. aim. chick flicks. movies. summer. swimming. new york city. los angeles. chocolate covered cherries. florida. tanning.

the dislikes. fake people. posers. wannabes. cigarette smoke. when its too cold/hot. untied shoelaces. tests. school. liars. aohell. boyfriend stealers. listening to country. wiggers. when dogs jump on you/get you muddy. b(l)ackmail. thunderstorms. crappy days. break-ups. overly cocky people. playas. broken hearts. broken promises. stupid honesdale sluts. people who try too hard.

the sounds. something corporate. brand new. student rick. nwe found glory. bowling for soup. starting line. mest. all american rejects. tHrOnE. switchfoot. plain white t's. authority zero. GOB. sugarcult. third eye blind. taking back sunday. count the stars. sublime. smile empty soul. hot hot heat. get well soon. finch. mxpx. bob marley. lynard skynard. led zeppelin. guns n roses. acdc. green day. h2o. i against i. jets to brazil. jimmy eat world. linkin park. trapt. up syndrome. vertical horizen. homegrown. the ataris. nirvana. vendetta red. lagwagon. slick shoes. 311. jason mraz. dasboard confesional. weezer. the postal service. matchbook romance. default. spill canvas. cauterize. maxeen. bright eyes. the early november. & many more of course.

the boy. casey stengel, the cutest kid ever.

the journal. public.. some is friends only. but that's only the really bad stuff. i'm a pretty open person :-D

the addresses.
-email: kiltgirl911@yahoo.com
-livejournal: nfggcchik
-aim: xonesweetkiss
the people i love. Lauren. Vicky. Lindsey. Katy. Lindsey. Nikki. Casey. Evan. Aaron. Andrew. Lucie. Emma. Jarod. Sean. Brenda. and the list goes on and on



we turn our music down and we whisper

say what your thinkin` right now. tell me what you thought about when you were gone & so alone

the worst is over you can have the best of me
we got older but we're still young
we never grew outta this feeling that we wont give up

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[x]If I don't make your heart skip a beat then hate me---»
if i don't make you feel anything then it's me

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birthday o5

- - » .xO I won`t go down by myself but i`ll go down with my f.R-I\e|N(D*s

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so are we playing for keeps these days begin and don't even for weeks leave me left out of anything to do with you

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If the world keeps blowing,

In storm around us all,

All the words are frozen,

As the rain turns into snow fall,

So happy I was,

To serve blindly on the tray,

And honesty isn’t poetry,

Just a truthful way to complain

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as if to say we weren't the hottest ever!!

turners bonfireeeeeee
my tears got mixed up with the rain ..

311, adam sandler, advice, aim, alkaline trio, all american rejects, american hi-fi, aquarius, authority zero, baseball, basketball, bass guitar, black and white pictures, bowling for soup, boys, brand new, breaking benjamin, bubble gum, casey trafton, cereal, computers, concerts, count the stars, crushes, cursive, damascus, dances, dashboard confessional, derek trafton, dr. pepper, draco malfoy, drinking, drive thru records, drummers, emo, fall out boy, flirting, giving advice, goldfinger, good charlotte, gum, guys, hoobastank, horoscopes, horses, hot hot heat, hot topic, html, i against i, icons, ims, indie rock, internet, javascript, jets to brazil, jimmy eat world, justin millar, kisses, kroq, laughing, love, love songs, made clothing, meeting new people, merry and pippin, mest, moe., mp3s, music, mxpx, my boyfriend, new found glory, new york, nintendo, nirvana, nitendo 64, no school, not by choice, oar, pennsylvania, plain white t's, poetry, pop punk, punk rock, rain, rainy days, ralph wiggum, rancid, role model clothing, running, sarcasm, saves the day, scars, scrapbooking, shopping, sleeping, sleeping in, slow dancing, smartasses, smiles, softball, something corporate, soup on cold days, spinning around in circles, sr-71, staring at walls, steve klein, steve sievers, student rick, sublime, sugar, sugarcult, sum 41, sunflower seeds, swimming, system of a down, taking back sunday, talking, talking ghetto, talking to myself, tanning, the postal service, the simpsons, the sims, thinking, thrift shops, thrifting, throne, tuuli, up syndrome, video games, wakefield, watching the stars, web design, web hosting, website creating, weirdness, wilkes-barre, winamp, witty people, writing songs, yelling at my computer, yellowcard,